promotional custom sprout pencil

Growing Your Brand – Sprout Pencils

Every month at Sycal, we’re scouting the world of influential and innovative promotional merchandise options designed to boost your brand identity as effectively as possible.

We’re kickstarting 2020 by taking a look at a unique piece of eco-friendly promotional stationery, that will make you stand out and will promote growth… literally.

To the untrained eye, the Sprout Pencil looks like a regular sustainable wooden pencil, however, in place of an eraser you’ll find a water-soluble capsule full of seeds. Once the pencil has become too short to write or colour with, simply plant it in soil and watch it grow into flowers, herbs, or even fruit.

With the ability to cusomise the pencils with an engraved logo or message, as well as full-colour personalised eco packaging, these incredible gifts are a fantastic way to promote your organisation as innovative and forward-thinking.


Custom eco pencils


Available in nine different colours in 100% natural clay and graphite, these pencils a made from sustainable PEFC/FSC-certified cedar wood.

There is a wide range of non-GMO seeds to choose from, including sunflowers, basil, daisy, thyme, cherry tomatoes, carnations, sage, forget me nots, coriander, chia, and more.

If you’re looking to gift these products as promotional giveaways, they are available with full-colour personalised packaging for single items, as well as three, five, and eight packs.

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