The Latest Promotional Tech Gifts

Keeping your brand up-to-date with the latest technology

A recent study by Microsoft found that 88% of business leaders are convinced that hybrid working is here to stay. With hybrid working becoming the new 9-5, is your business tech ready for the transition?

Whether you’re looking to stay tech-savvy in the office or helping your staff become well-equipped for work from home, we have a brilliant new range of promotional high tech gifts to help. All of the gadgets below are packed in gift boxes that can be personalised with your branding, a perfect gift for any client, colleague or customer.


If you’ve ever tried to work from a mobile device, you’d understand the frustrations and limitations of being behind a small screen. Surprisingly 48% of people in the UK don’t own a tablet device, and 43% don’t own a laptop when surveyed in 2020.

Tablets are the perfect portable business companion, whether you’re working from home or commuting into the office. They provide quick access to information on the go, work as powerful networking tools, and are a low-cost option compared to a desktop PC.

The 10” octa-core tablet comes with a front and rear camera to take photos and keep connected, 3G technology for making and receiving calls as well as 3GB RAM and 64GB hard disc space. This tablet fits snuggly into any laptop bag, backpack and handbag; making it great for meetings and note taking.

Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum can save owners as much as 110 hours of cleaning a year. While you’re out at work, you can leave our little robot friend at home and cross that repetitive job off of your to do list forever.

This robot vacuum will automatically return to its charging base with a 90-120 minutes run time giving you a totally hands-free approach to cleaning. Even if you forget to set it off before you leave you can remotely control all the functions with the Tuya app and Amazon’s Alexa.

Ear buds and Headphones

At Sycal, we have a range of different styled ear buds and headphones to suit your brand image as well as personal taste. Whether you’re looking for earbuds that sit snuggly inside your ear or hook over the top; all our latest headsets connect via Bluetooth and provides you with a wireless experience.

Our TWS250 Bluetooth® earbuds have a magnetic battery charging case to keep provide prolonged use all day. Or our Live Pro Bluetooth® headphones heavily reduces outside noise with an Integrated Active Noise Cancellation system.


Whether you’re planning to record a demonstration, document daily experiences, or create content online, capturing moments is easy with our high-quality cameras.

Available in 4K and HD, these high-quality cameras are suited to any occasion with a water-resistant casing. Pair these cameras with the camera accessory kit and you’ll have everything you need for any activity, work and play.

If you want a device that provides a little reassurance to the receiver, Sycal has a security camera with a microphone and speaker for two way communication. Record surveillance for 24 hours with Infrared night vision and mobile app monitoring. A camera that’s great for keeping an eye on pets and home while you’re at work and throughout the night.

If you’d like to find out more about our new technology range and gifts, speak to a member of our team today, we’re happy to help.

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