National Houseplant Week

Promotional plants that bring life to the New Year

As we begin a new year, we start to lose the joy and beauty that our Christmas decorations brought to our homes over the festive season. To celebrate #HouseplantWeekUK, why not add some life back into the indoor spaces of your customers with some brilliant branded houseplant options.

Houseplants don’t just brighten up our rooms and offices but offer brilliant benefits to our health. Indoor plants can improve your focus and work performance, enhance the air quality as well as your mood. Not to mention lowering stress and anxiety levels.

Whether you’re promoting your brand, celebrating a birthday, or sending a small appreciation gift to colleagues, promotional plants make for great gifts and help your brand awareness grow.

Hey Pots

Hey Pots are great little giveaway ideas for practically any occasion. Each pot is designed to provide a sustainable, plastic-free gift that lasts. Once your plant outgrows its home, you can repurpose the stylish pot however you see fit.

You can choose from a range of 6cm or 9cm plants, including money trees, cacti and succulents. Each plant grows inside a concrete pot which can be laser engraved on one side to feature your logo or messaging, or pad printed on two sides.

All of the packaging is manufactured from FSC approved materials, which are both biodegradable and recyclable. However, if you don’t have a green thumb, we can even fill these pots with natural vegan wax to make promotional candles.

Desktop and Window Gardens

During the past couple of years, many people took to tending their gardens or starting up allotment plots. While this type of green thumb requires a lot of time, patience and effort a simple window garden can be just as rewarding.

Window gardens will still require more care than the ‘water once a week plant’, but you’ll end up with fresh herbs and spices to use in home-cooked meals.

Our desktop garden flower kits are perfect to get you started with any window or desk display. Each aluminium tube comes with dehydrated soil and a seed packet. Choose from mixed herbs, sunflowers and cottage garden seeds to conveniently grow right on your desk.

The desktop eco cube is another compressed pack with five seed sticks to help you grow a mixture of plants. The kit comes inside a wooden cube that can be repurposed after use, similarly to the Hey Pots. We can customise the sealing sticker with your branding or customise the entire paper sleeve for full impact.

Personalised plant pots

If you already have a mini garden on the go or need to re-pot one of your houseplants, we have a range of plant pots that can be customised with your branding.

Perhaps you’ve already grown one of our herb kits and you need a larger pot? Our twin kitchen pot is spacious and bright with an extra water compartment that can hold enough water to last 3 days. The unique cotton thread will feed water into the soil and save you a daily job.

You can pop your houseplants in a promotional pot made from plants! For a plastic-free alternative, we have the Vibers Flower Pot, made from elephant grass. Elephant grass is a fast-growing crop that absorbs 4 times as much CO2 as a forest of trees. It creates a material that is durable, strong, sustainable and biodegradable.

Add your branding to the pot or customise the entire gift box with your artwork to include any imagery or messages you like. Choosing these pots gives you the option to add your own choice of plants and decorate your home or office space to suit your style.

Some great suggestions for easy-care plants to get you started are Aloe Veras, Monsteras (cheese plants), Spider plants, Umbrella trees, Philodendrons, palms, and ferns.

For more promotional plants or ideas to bring life to your campaigns, speak to a member of our team today, Call us on 01234 841741 or email us on