National Fitness Day 2021

Unite together to promote health and well-being

This year marks the 10th anniversary of National Fitness Day, join in and celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity. Whether you’re in the workplace, working out at the gym or getting engaged with the public, you can promote your brand and the importance of a healthy lifestyle with our range of fitness-related promotional merchandise.

Mailable Fitness Packs

This year’s #fitnessday theme is ‘Fitness Unites Us‘, exercising with a friend is more fun, engaging and opens up more opportunities for the activities you can do. In fact, having a partner to exercise with leads to higher motivation and therefore more success in reaching your goals. So, why not promote your brand with fitness products that get you working together and having fun with friends?

Our fitness packs provide you with a range of products all in one box that you can share with colleagues and friends. You can post these packs individually to home addresses and host your own virtual fitness event for staff or colleagues to join while working from home and in the office.

Stay hydrated with branded drinkware

Water helps fuel your muscles before and during exercise as well as helps speed up the recovery process removing toxins from your body. Your body relies on synovial fluid to help lubricate your joints and allows for ease of movement, the main ingredient of this fluid is water!

Our range of promotional drinkware will ensure your body gets the hydration it needs to keep you performing at your best. Whether you’re looking for a strong, durable sports bottle made from Tritan plastic, like our H2O Base Tritan 650ml spout lid sport bottle or something to keep your water cool while you work out, like the Vacuum stainless steel bottle with sports lid 550ml. You can also make your bottle and branding stand out from the rest with customisable high quality 360° printing options, the ColourFusion Aluminium Sports Bottle is a great choice available in two sizes.

Endless activities

Whichever sport you like to take a swing at or enjoy most, we can provide you with branded products and accessories to assist in the exercise. From branded footballs, printed yoga mats, personalised boxing gloves and embroidered towels.

Our products cover a majority of sports and fitness such as; yoga, cycling, boxing, weight lifting, golf, rugby, football, tennis, cricket, hockey, ping pong and even surfing. Whether you want something subtle to customise your own equipment or printed in full colour to utilise the print area, all of our practical fitness products can be branded to promote your business.

If you’d like to discuss the perfect promotional fitness products to promote your organisation, speak to a member of our team today. We’re happy to help. Call us on 01234 841741, or email us at