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International Coffee Day 2018

Did you know that the UK alone has a coffee habit worth £9bn a year? From espressos to pumpkin-spiced lattes, the coffee market has been growing year after year, to such an extent that we’ve set aside one day to celebrate on a global level. Welcome to International Coffee Day 2018.

With the summer seeming like a distant memory, now is the time to be thinking about promoting your brand for the seasons ahead. So why not, take advantage of the oncoming cold weather with bespoke drinkware from Sycal, designed to make your brand appear as energising as the coffee inside it.

Reusable is the new Recyclable

Earlier this year, MPs called for a 25p charge on all takeaway coffee cups, ahead of a possible ban by 2023. With 2.5 billion disposable cups used every year in the UK, and only 0.25% of them being recycled, the proposed Latte Levy has been seen as a reasonable adjustment by most, and has generated new marketing opportunities for businesses across the country.

With many coffee giants; such as the likes of Starbucks and Costa, providing discounts to customers who use their own mugs and tumblers,  ensure that your consumers are showcasing your logo with branded reusable thermal drinksware.

latte levy bespoke mugs

At Sycal, we offer a wide range of promotional thermal mugs and reusable tumblers designed to make your brand stand out whilst in the line for a latte. No matter what size, shape, colour or style you’re looking for, our team of merchandise experts are on hand to recommend the most effective promotional products to promote your brand or message.

No longer are these products limited to busy consumers on the go, but will now reach a younger, environmentally conscious demographic. In addition to this, on average customers are 60% more likely to remember a brand should it be on a practical product rather than a novelty one, making travel mugs and tumblers an excellent promotional tool. Whether they’re used as gifts, giveaways, office equipment or resale, give your consumers a long-lasting and environmentally friendly memento of your business.

There’s nothing wrong with being a mug

Although it may seem uninspired to some, organisations have been trading ceramics as a way to promote their brand for decades. Even today, branded mugs still remain as one of the hottest promotional products around; regardless of how warm the coffee inside is. Research by the BPMA has shown that promotional mugs are more effective at brand advertising than alternative medias. On average, 57% of customers can recall an advertiser that has been featured on a mug, compared to 32% on radio, and 28% on TV.

With so many customisation options, mugs are a blank canvas for you to promote your brand in whatever way you see fit. From budget options to high quality gift options, there are very few products that offer the demographic versatility of a mug.

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