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Imagine if you could promote your organisation every single day of 2019, directly in your target demographics line of sight. It’s amazing what you can do with paper.

Despite not being seen as innovative products, branded calendars, diaries, and notepads are still extremely popular today due to their effectiveness as promotional marketing tools in the office or at home.

When you consider the growing number of cost-effective technology merchandise options available, it may come as a surprise that promotional paper products are still rising in popularity amongst a wide range of clients. Last year a study confirmed this, with 68% of the sampled consumers stating that they preferred a physical diary and calendar over that of a digital version on their smartphone or computer.

Multi-functional Promotional Notebooks
Something worth writing about

Over the last 35 years, we’ve seen promotional merchandise trends come and go. From novelty fads to innovative technologies, very few have been able to hold a candle to the effectiveness and popularity of diaries and notepads. Whether it’s the feeling of receiving something personal, or because of their useful nature, promotional paper products still have the edge over electronic alternatives.

Available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials, there a very few products that can compete when it comes to versatility. With the ability to customise both covers, as well as individual papers, you can keep your logo or messaging in the minds of your customers every single time they need to jot something down.

For many people, a notepad is just a notepad. To us, diaries and notepads are an effective marketing tool that can be tailored to your target audience.

Are your customers on the go? Consider a sturdy A5 or A6 variety that’s easier to travel with and won’t succumb to wear-and-tear so easily. Are your customers forward thinking? Choose from a vast array of eco-friendly options, crafted from recycled materials that reflects your brands environmental responsibility. Are your customers busy office professionals? Think about multifaceted options that include branded pens, sticky notes and business card holders.

No matter who your target audience is, there’s a paper product for them.

Evergreen brand promotion

From January to December, promotional calendars put your brand in the spotlight every day of the year.

It’s not very often that a customer appreciates having advertisement pushed in their direction. Fortunately, promotional calendars offer a practical and useful service, which gives them a longer lifespan than alternative products. This long life yields a high return on investment, as your brand will be making customer impressions all year long.

If you’re looking for something more novel than a wall hanging product, consider options like custom Desk Tidies, designed to keep your work space clutter free.

One option that is growing more effective is the Calendar Pod. Rather than simply showing dates, these hardback desk calendars feature 100 sticky note pads, as well as 150 index tabs, making them incredibly functional in the workplace. With all 12 double-sided calendar sheets completely customisable, where better to develop brand recognition than right under your customer’s nose.

Both eye-catching and handy, these calendars provide a functional edge over traditional alternatives, and will still continue to keep your brand in sight even if the product goes unused.

Custom calendars
Calendar pods

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