You’d think that we wouldn’t need umbrellas in summer, but here we are…

From record breaking heatwaves, to BBQ ruining downpours, the British summer weather has been anything but predictable. With such uncertainty in the skies, lugging around a large golf umbrella can be quite a chore should the sun decide to make a surprise appearance, making smaller and more convenient umbrellas more appealing to customers.

If you’re looking to provide clients and customers with high-quality protection against the elements, then no umbrella is more effective than the Safebrella®.

Available in four colours and an array of sizes, this practical umbrella provides a windproof design to help it withstand the stormiest of weathers. Not only is the umbrella corners coated in a patented reflective material, the Safebrella® offers an LED torch within the handle for the darkest of evenings.

Umbrellas aren’t just a defence against Mother Nature though, they’re also one of the most effective ways to project your brand image, both visually and psychologically. In fact, consumers are more than 80% more likely to keep hold of a branded umbrella for its usefulness, meaning that your brand image will make more impressions than alternative products. As promotional items, umbrellas are constantly proving that they positively engage consumers and increase brand recognition.

Although lower priced umbrella options are available, short-term savings could create a false economy. Should the quality be compromised within a short period of time, customers may see your brand as “cheap” for providing lower quality goods. If you’re looking for a larger return on your investment, products like the Safebrella® are the way to go. With bespoke branding options available on both the umbrella and the protective sleeve, this is the ideal product to promote your brand image for a substantial period of time and let your clients know that you’re there for them when the skies turn grey.

Both practical and stylish, the Safebrella® is perfect for targeting your most valuable, safety conscious clients.

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