Branded merchandise made from coffee

Celebrating International Coffee Day

Did you know that the UK alone has a coffee habit worth £10.1bn a year? From espressos to pumpkin-spiced lattes, before COVID hit, the UK coffee market has been growing by around 10% year after year, to such an extent that we’ve set aside one day to celebrate on a global level. Welcome to International Coffee Day 2020 and the branded merchandise surrounding it.

Recent research has found that UK consumers are becoming more aware of the global environmental and ethical issues surrounding coffee, which has changed our purchasing behaviours.

So for your next marketing campaign, why not promote your brand using branded merchandise manufactured from the world’s favourite bean?

Coffee pens and paper

In 2019, approximately 95 million cups were consumed per day in the UK alone. That’s a lot of coffee grounds going to waste.

With new manufacturing techniques, we can now recycle this waste and turn it into brilliant branded merchandise options.

The Coffee Notebook cover contains around 13 grams of recycled coffee grounds, which equates to around two cups of wasted materials. All paper inside is 100% recycled.

But a notebook isn’t complete without a branded pen, so, why not put that waste to good use with the Coffee Pen. Made from 40% reused coffee grounds, these pens are a great promotional gift option for those wanting to promote greener living.

These pens are made from 40% coffee grounds and 60% ABS plastic, which is both recycled and recyclable, and longer-lasting than PVC alternatives.

Coffee cups made of coffee cups

Manufactured from recycled paper coffee cups, the rCUP is 100% sustainable, as well as 100% recyclable, helping you reduce your reliance on single-use materials.

But environmentally consciousness isn’t the only USP for this revolutionary piece of drinkware. Designed by a former designer for Dyson, the mug features an innovative and patented 360-degree lid that allows it to be sipped from any angle and spill-proof when sealed.



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