Recycled t-shirts and clothing

Are we looking at the future of promotional apparel?

Until recently, creating new garments from recycled materials has been an expensive and complex process. However, a new method of recycling has been developed to create new garments without the need for chemicals or water waste.
Recent research by supermarket chain Sainsbury’s found that the UK alone will see around 235 million items of clothing entering landfills, rather than being donated or recycled. To combat this level of waste, Spanish textile manufacturer, Recover, has focused on recovering and recycling these unwanted garments.
Once recovered, these textiles are broken down into cotton fibres and combined with natural and recycled materials; such as recycled PET, hemp, and organic cotton, to create Pantone accurate colours without the needs for chemicals.
On average, it takes 15,000 litres of water to help produce 1kg of cotton fabric, whereas these recycled textiles are cleaned with UV lights, saving huge amounts of water and generating giant environmental savings.
With concerns over our environmental footprints growing, are recycled garments the future of promotional clothing? If your organisation is looking to turn green, speak to one of our team today and discuss how you can use environmentally-friendly promotional merchandise in your next marketing campaign. Call us on 01234 841741 or email us on

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