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Sometimes just giving a genuine compliment can be all someone needs to boost their confidence. Both giving and receiving compliments can help boost your mood, make you optimistic and have a happier outlook.

Mood Motivation Cards give you the opportunity to show some staff appreciate or make someone feel good. These cards come in packs of 10 or 20 and can be personalised on the front. Each card is printed with an uplifting message to promote a positive mindset. Easy to pop in the post and create a positive impact on the receiver, not only of your brand but on their wellbeing.

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Healthy body

Having a healthy body can help sustain a healthy mind, so keeping active and staying safe will ensure your body performs its best.

Just 30 minutes every day of physical activity, like walking, can help reduce stress and anxiety while keeping you in shape. Our Digi Pedometer can track your daily steps, distance travelled and calories burnt. With space to add your branding, pedometers are a great motivational tool as a reminder to get up and go.

branded digi pedometerStaying safe during restrictions will ensure your body stays healthy. Wearing masks, like our washable facemask, and using hand sanitiser are great ways to stay virus-free. Our black aluminium hand sanitiser is alcohol-free, great for sensitive skin with no sacrifice on effectiveness.

Whether you want to promote a healthy body with fitness items, like resistance bands or yoga mats, or a healthy mind with relaxing items, like wellbeing gift sets or colouring tools; here at Sycal, we can help promote your brand and take care of your customers.

Find out more about health-related gifts speak to a member of our team today on 01234 841741, or drop an email over to, we’re happy to help.