Going back to the office merchandise

Boosting your brand in the workplace

On July 19th, the United Kingdom will return to a sense of normality, as lockdown restrictions are essentially dropped.

For many people, this change means that workplaces can return to pre-pandemic conditions and operate without any social distancing or capacity issues, resulting in more employees heading back to the office. For some members of staff; whether furloughed or working-from-home, this decision may not be the most welcoming. In fact, a study by LinkedIn found that the opportunity to WFH permanently or the option to hybrid work was three times more appealing in a job role than receiving a 10% pay rise.

So make sure your team feel safe, comfortable, and motivated in the workplace with promotional branded merchandise from Sycal.

Welcome Back Merchandise

Whether it’s a small trinket of appreciation or a grand gesture, having a little something waiting for you on your desk can go a long way. From custom branded pens and notebooks to get them back into the swing of things, or personally named mugs to make them feel a part of the team, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking to brighten the moods and the desks of your coworkers, Hey Pots are sustainably made branded concrete containers, branded with your logo or marketing messaging. Inside each pot is a living plant, including cactus, money plant, succulent, devil’s ivy, Christmas tree, or love heart plant. Designed to be low-maintenance and to live up to 24 months, the Hey Pot is a great promotional tool to feel more comfortable in the workplace.

Staying Safe Merchandise

Just because restrictions are being lifted, it doesn’t mean that COVID isn’t going to be an issue moving forward. Keeping your workplace safe and clean is incredibly important to minimise the spread of the virus and lower the risk of employee sickdays.

One effective method to keep the transfer of bacteria and viruses low is keeping hands clean. With a wide range of antibacterial wipes, personal and contactless hand sanitisers, protective face masks, and more, we’re here to help keep your workplace clean and safe.

A great way to keep nasties at bay is with our range of antimicrobial products. Coated with antimicrobial additives, these products can reduce the spread of bacteria and germs on them by 98%. Including name badges, lanyards, pens, coasters and more.

Colour Coded Comfort

Although lockdown restrictions are being eased, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be comfortable with going back to normal. The worst thing we can do in these situations is to make someone feel uncomfortable in their place of work.

At Sycal, we’ve introduced colour-coded gifts to let colleagues know what you’re ok with. Products such as wristbands, lanyards, and ID Card Holders are a great way to help people understand how comfortable you are with being around others during the pandemic:

GREEN – I’m comfortable with physical contact, like hugs and high-fives

YELLOW – Elbow greetings only

RED – I’m keeping my distance

These products are fantastic branded tools to help prevent awkward or uncomfortable conversations in the workplace.

For more information about keeping your team safe and comfortable in the workplace, speak to a member of our team today. Call us on 01234 841741, or email us at sales@sycal.co.uk, we’re happy to help.