Eco merchandise on a Budget

Promotional merchandise to help save the planet and your wallet

The past five years have shown a strong shift in consumers preferences for wanting more sustainable products. Although many people are willing to pay for a premium product that’s sustainable, at Sycal we don’t believe you need to break the bank to go green.

If you’re looking at reducing your business’s carbon footprint while sticking to a budget our Eco Budget range provides plenty of options to help you step in the right direction.

Getting back to the Office (or not!)

Whether you’re embracing working from home or getting ready to return back to the office, we have a range of stationery supplies to prepare for a fresh start. From personalised notebooks made from stone, recycled card and coffee to promotional pens made with recycled plastic, paper and corn.

In a previous blog, we highlight the money-saving benefit of switching to a reusable travel cup. Now you can take that one step further with a tumbler made from 100% recycled materials. Even better still, they’re made in the UK to further reduce your carbon footprint. Get ready for the morning commute with the popular Americano tumblers.

Style your desk with a branded coaster and mouse mat set with a choice between three combinations. Save money purchasing the set and whether you use them grouped together or split them individually is up to you. Each piece is made from recycled plastic and can be bought separately if you wanted just one element from the set.

We continue to add to this range as we discover more exciting eco products. If you have any questions about promoting your brand with eco-friendly products, we’re here to help. Call our merchandise team on 01234 841741, or emails us at