Do custom branded pens actually work?

Are promotional pens still an effective marketing tool?

The humble pen is one of the original MVPs of the promotional merchandise industry. Since the 1930s, brands and organisations have been leaving their mark on branded stationery to showcase their logos.

But with almost a century of sales behind them, do promotional branded pens still have the same effect on their end-user?

Pens are still incredibly popular

When you consider how many cost-effective branded merchandise options are available, it may come as a bit of a shock that promotional pens are in as high demand now as they were a decade ago.

We understand that promotional pens can be seen as a little conventional or traditional, but with thousands of unique models available, as well as countless branding opportunities, it’s no wonder that branded pens are in high demand for a wide variety of demographics.

With such a large range of products, find out what pen would be most effective for your next marketing campaign!

custom branded promotional pens

Environmentally Conscious Branded Pens

One of the biggest drawbacks to the traditional giveaway pen is how much plastic is used in its creation. One of the easiest way to combat this is to move to a more eco-friendly or sustainable material.

Over the last few years we’ve seen alternative materials being used in the manufacturing process, including recycled plastics, recycled coffee grounds, bamboo, cork, sustainable wood, wheat straw, corn starch and more!

Products like the Bio Pen are manufactured from corn starch plastics! Not only does it lower our reliance on virgin plastics, but is biodegradable. When placed in a landfill or buried in soil, the pen will completely biodegrade, ensuring it doesn’t litter the ground for centuries to come.

Our Espresso Pens are made from 30% recycled coffee grounds. Did you know that in the UK, around 95 million cups of coffee were being drank per day?! That’s a lot of grounds going to waste! So why not use them in your next promotional marketing campaign?

Turning a giveaway into a meaningful gift

Receiving a pen is one thing, but receiving a pen set can really set you apart from your competitors! Something as simple as branded box can make a gift feel like an experience!

Our beautiful but cost-effective Rose Gold Prince pen is now available as a gift set. The gorgeous pen oozes elegance without the price tag. The boxed model comes alongside a branded keyring torch, a great tool for the darker evenings.

Whether you’re looking for an exquisite Parker Pen boxed and branded as a gift, or a smaller token of appreciation, our boxed pen sets are a fantastic opportunity to promote your organisation.

Unlimited Branding Opportunities

As manufacturing techniques continue to evolve, promotional pens grow ever more customisable. From the tip to the top and everything in between, we can brand your pens to meet your brand guidelines and marketing message perfectly.

Whether you’re looking for a ballpoint, fountain pen, gel pen, or rollerball, we can help. With options to add a stylus, highlighter, or anti-bacterial coatings, we can help source the perfect pen for your next campaign. If you’d like to find out more, speak to a member of our team today. Call us on 01234 841741 or email us at