custom branded corporate gift chocolates

Custom branded promotional chocolates

Putting a sweet twist on your next marketing campaign

If you’re looking to create a meaningful and delicious impression with your colleagues, clients, or prospective customers, nothing creates a smile quite like promotional chocolate.

Whether you’ve got a palette for milk, dark, white, nutty, vegan, or fruit-filled, we’ve got a wide range of custom-branded chocolates and promotional confectionery. Did you know that the UK is the world’s seventh-highest consumer of chocolate? In fact, research from Mintel found that eight million Brits eat chocolate every single day. Only 5% of Brits stated that they never eat chocolate at all, making it one of the nation’s favourite treats.

From the ancient Aztecs to Willy Wonka, chocolate remains to be one of the most popular treats across generations, both factual and fictional. With the industry estimated to be worth over $140 billion, there’s no wonder that there’s a national day to celebrate this sensational snack. Across the globe, July 7th is celebrated as World Chocolate Day! What better way to celebrate than with custom branded confectionery from Sycal!

custom branded promotional chocolates

How does promotional chocolate work?

When it comes to selecting promotional merchandise and giveaways, some organisations may be deterred by the concept of a product that’s not designed to last very long. So why do so many companies invest their marketing budgets into branding a product that’s going to end up being devoured, with the last remnants ending up in the trash?

Promotional confectionery is a fantastic marketing tool for developing ‘recall value,’ and when executed properly can do wonders for creating brand recognition.

When a customer or colleague receives something like chocolate, it creates a similar sensation to that of receiving a very personal gift. These treats flood our brains with feel-good chemicals, ensuring that they create a long-lasting impression regardless of how long they last.

On-trend gifting

If you’re looking to incorporate a theme or seasonal spin on your next promotional marketing, why not tie your custom branding chocolates with an upcoming holiday?

Whether it’s Easter, Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day, we offer a wide range of thematic confectionery. Advent calendars, chocolate coins, Easter eggs, pumpkin and heart-shaped chocolates, the list is endless. Even if you’re looking for something completely custom, we can help.

No matter what the occasion, we can help.

With the option to add a Willy Wonka style golden tickets to a select number of gifts, you can say it all with custom branded chocolates and confectionery.

With a huge range of confectionery options available, find out how you can sweeten your next marketing campaign with Sycal. Simply call 01234 841741 or email us at