Custom Branded Chocolate Merchandise

Promotional tasty treats to put smiles on faces

Whether you’re looking to chow down on milk, dark, white, nutty, vegan, or fruity, promotional chocolate is a fantastic promotional merchandise option. Did you know that in the UK, around 8 million people eat chocolate every single day, with a further 8 million chowing down on choc four to six times a week. The market for desirable chocolate gifts is astronomical.

From the Aztecs to Willy Wonka, chocolate has been one of the world’s favourite treats across generations, both factual and fictional. With the industry estimated to be worth over $140 billion, there’s no wonder that 7th July is celebrated as World Chocolate Day, and what better way to celebrate than with custom branded chocolates from Sycal.

When it comes to custom branded chocolates, some organisations can be deterred by the notion of a product that can be so easily disposed of. So why invest your marketing budget into branding a product that is designed to be devoured?

Promotional confectionery is a fantastic marketing tool for developing Recall Value, and; if executed properly, can be fantastic for boosting brand recognition.

Receiving something like chocolate has a similar sensation to receiving a personal gift. Flooding our brains with feel-good chemicals, these products are designed to be eaten, enjoyed, and more importantly, create a lasting impression on your customers, clients, and coworkers.


Whether you’re looking to source individual chocolates, or something a bit bigger to share between the teams, we offer a wide range of custom branded chocolate gifts and giveaways.

If you’re looking for something traditional, our Classic Chocolate Box is packed full of 24 luxury Swill chocolate truffles. Perfect for sharing, this box can be branded on the lid to promote your brand. Constructed with FSC Certified card, this product can be recycled making it a more eco-conscious promotional gift.

If you’re targeting individuals our chocolate bars are a fantastic gift option. With the ability to brand the boxes individually, as well as add a Golden Ticket for a Willy Wonka twist, our chocolate bars are guaranteed to put a smile on your customers’ faces.

With novel options, like edible chocolate name badges, or eco-tubs filled with M&Ms, we can help you find the perfect promotional chocolate gift.


If you’re looking to incorporate a theme for your promotional chocolates, why not tie it into an upcoming holiday?

Advent calendars for Christmas. Chocolate eggs for Easter. Chocolate pumpkins for Halloween. Heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day, even football chocolates for the big game.

No matter what the occasion, we can help!

With a huge range of confectionery options available, find out how you can sweeten your next marketing campaign with Sycal. Simply call 01234 841741 or visit