Claim Your Complimentary Sycal Calendar Pod


When it comes to sourcing effective promotional merchandise this winter, bespoke Calendar Pods are a great place to start. Customisable in a wide variety of colours and styles, the Calendar Pod is a great way to actively promote your brand to a wide range of customers in the upcoming year.

Rather than simply showing dates, these hardback desk calendars feature 100 sticky note pads, as well as 150 index tabs, making them incredibly functional in the workplace. With all 12 double-sided calendar sheets completely customisable, you can showcase your logo, message or products to your customers every month of the year. Where better to develop brand recognition than right under your customer’s nose.

Both eye-catching and handy, these calendars provide a functional edge over traditional alternatives, and will still continue to keep your brand in sight even if the product goes unused.

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