Why choose more sustainable promotional merchandise?

Making an eco-friendly decision for your corporate gifts

Looking to start promoting your brand more sustainably? No matter whether you’re looking to source stationery, printed clothing, branded drinkware, or something a little unusual, you can build a great range of effective merchandise that lowers our overreliance on single-use plastics and increases sustainability.

Promoting your brand with custom printed merchandise is a fantastic way to boost your brand image, communicate your marketing message, or build recognition… so why not do it in a manner that doesn’t cost the earth?

More Use = More Value

If your promotional corporate gift ends up in the back of the drawer or even in the bin, it’s probably not been as effective or impactful as you’d have hoped. More importantly, if it’s going to the landfill after a few uses, it’s creating a negative environmental impact.

So make sure you’re sourcing promotional merchandise options that are designed to be used time after time. Not only will it lower your reliance on single-use products, but will ensure your branded logo

In short, the more practical your product is, the better longevity it will have. Products like promotional bottles and thermal mugs can help lower our need to use single-use bottles and paper cups. When we choose products that are designed to be used again and again, we start to encourage more sustainable habits.

What materials are you using?

The days of only using virgin plastics for your promotional merchandise needs are almost over. Over the last decade, we have been seen a huge shift in the materials being used to manufacture your branded gifts.

Now, you can source a wide range of products made from recycled plastics, recyclable plastics, bamboo, wheat fibres, and even recycled food products! Needless to say, the options are endless to avoid using virgin plastics.

Take the Americano Travel Mug, for example, a double-walled insulated tumbler made from 100%  recycled material. Not only is it made of recycled materials, but the mug itself can also be completely recycled should you wish to dispose of it. The product is packed in a home-compostable bag and made in the UK, there’s very little environmental impact to promote your organization!

Looking for something new? RHIPS.b is a revolutionary innovative biodegradable polymer made from wasted and recycled plastic products.

Unlike other plastic promotional products, rHIPS.b is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic materials, with no virgin materials used in the process.

rHIPS.b is naturally biodegradable and can be broken down in compost, landfills and water by over 600 naturally occurring microbes. The biodegradation process is accelerated 200 times faster than standard plastics and is a world’s first for the promotional merchandise industry. The addition of a Biodegradable Additive enhances the polymer’s ability of naturally occurring microbes to consume the plastic. 

This range of promotional gifts has been created with the planet in mind.

Create positive change

Some products aren’t just designed to showcase your brand, but are designed to create social and environmental change for a number of causes. The IMPACT Aware Collection is manufactured from recycled materials that otherwise would have become pollutants in our waters. With the AWARE technology, not only will your brand be promoted, but you can trace exactly where the recycled plastics originated, validated by blockchain technologies.

Fairtrade certified products, such as clothing and bags, help ensure that the farmers and workers who gather the raw materials are paid fairly and work in proper workplaces. Things like this can help make your next promotional marketing campaign a force of good.

If you’d like to learn more about how your brand can be more sustainable, speak to a member of our team today. Call us on 01234 841741, or email us at sales@sycal.co.uk, we’re happy to help.