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Branded winter accessories

Custom branded lip balms, hand warmers and more

As the winter brings in cold days and dark nights, it also brings about new opportunities to promote your brand in a number of unique and practical ways with promotional branded merchandise.

In these months, it’s essential to keep your customers, clients, and colleagues warm, safe, and comfortable. At Sycal, we offer a wide range of promotional corporate gifts and giveaways that can tick those boxes. Don’t let your brand go cold over the next couple of months.

A kit in a can

The Winter Handy Can Kit is a unique collection of promotional merchandise sealed inside a branded tin. Its contents are designed to be as practical as possible for the colder weather. Inside the kit, you’ll find a lip balm, heat pack, hand sanitiser and a pack of tissues; all essentials in the season of the common cold. The exterior label can be printed all round in full-colour giving you the opportunity to promote your brand in a creative way. Once the contents are used the tin can simply be recycled!

Winter Handy Can Kit

Branded lip savers

Winter is the time of year that our lips can start to dry out, crack and chap. 65.9% of people use lip balm daily with an increase during those colder months.

However, lip balm doesn’t just save your lips in winter but all year long too. Our bamboo fibre lip balm protects your lips with SPF15, helping defend one of the most sensitive organs in the human body. The outer casing is made from bamboo fibre reducing the use of plastics, providing you with a sustainably sourced lip balm.

For those looking for something a little bit extra, Sycal’s LED lip balm adds a useful gadget appeal. As if lip balm wasn’t helpful enough with dry lips, now it can help you see in the dark. The base of this balm features an LED torch, great for lighting up your bag when rummaging for house keys, saving you standing in the cold.

lip balm branded

Branded thermal travel cups

Takeaway coffee cups are a major environmental and waste problem. In the UK alone, 7 million takeaway coffee cups are used every day. Waste aside, it’s also the money you could save by having a reusable thermal travel cup or mug and making a brew at home.

The Contigo transit thermo cup is stylish, sturdy and brandable. For the morning commute, long day in the office, or even days out, this thermal travel mug can keep hot drinks warm for up to 5 hours. Contigo technology features an autoseal button which automatically seals your cup after each sip, meaning you’ll never spill your hot drink again. The rest of our Contigo range features other designs, styles and sizes with the same high-level quality as this cup.

Contigo Transit thermo cup

The Robusta Photo Travel mug is smaller, simpler but has that authentic coffee cup feel. This mug can be branded all round in full-colour, giving you the ability to perfectly match your corporate identity, no matter how creative it may be. Should you want something more minimalist, then the Robusta ColourCoat mug which is the same mug but with a gloss or matt colour finish. Both of these mugs have a double skinned body that traps air in between the layers, helping a drink retain heat for longer.

branded cups

Warm up those hands

An essential winter accessory to keep your hands and fingers warm is Sycal’s Smart Phone Gloves. As the name says, these gloves are designed to be used with your smart phone screen. The thumb and two fingers have grey conductive fingertips that work on touch screen devices. We can print your logo or branding on the back of these gloves to promote your business or company, whether that is with a logo or slogan.

Even better still, if gloves just aren’t enough to keep your fingers toastie, you can slip in a hand warmer. Hand warmers also make a handy little desk accessory for those that get cold hands at their keyboard. Available in a range of different shapes, from hearts to stars, with single colour printing. A warmer way to promote your brand!

Every car must have

The cold winter weather brings along every car drivers favourite morning routine; the removal of frost, ice and snow. Time to bring out the ice scraper.

Whether it’s a scraper you can fit in your wallet, a scraper made from recycled plastic, or a scraper in a completely unique shape, at Sycal we have a wide, mixed range of promotional ice scrapers available. We even have an ice scraper nestled inside a glove to keep your hand warm while you get to work on the windows.

One ice scraper, in particular, that is an extremely handy tool is the Automotive-tool-4-in-1. This does more than just scrape ice, it features 3 LED lights to use as a torch, an emergency hammer and a knife for cutting seat belts. The Automotive scraper is an ideal promotional merchandise tool to keep in every car all year round for it’s multiple uses.

Automotive-tool 4-in-1

If you’d like to learn more about promotional winter accessories and how you can use it to promote your business in the colder months, speak to a member of our team today.

Call us on 01234 841741 or drop an email over to, we’re happy to help.