7 Days Of Stationery For National Stationery Week

Promotional stationery for every day of the week

National Stationery Week, #NatStatWeek, aims to celebrate the fun of writing by hand and encourages sending letters, cards and handwritten notes. In fact, handwritten notes can actually make us more influential at work, in business, and in our own personal lives.

Whether you’re taking notes at a meeting, enjoying some doodling downtime or looking to organise your stationery collection, our broad range covers all your stationery needs.

1. Make a note

We’ve highlighted the benefits of handwritten notes in a previous blog, with the main benefits that notes written by hand are easier to remember, understand and stimulate our brain, unlike digital counterparts.

Branded Notepads

Our branded notepads and notebooks come made in a wide range of materials, including FSC paper, recycled paper, food waste and recycled plastic; just to name a few.

With such a broad range available there’s an option for every type of budget and campaign. We can help you keep costs low with notebooks that come with a pen included, like the Swiss Peak deluxe A5 notebook and pen set.

Some of our notebooks can even be individually personalised making them a more personal gift to colleagues and clients. A study found that 1 in 5 consumers would pay 20% more for a personalised product because of the personal value-added.

Promotional Sticky pads

For those looking to take notes down quickly, stick up a reminder or creating a collage of ideas; at Sycal we have a large range of sticky notes and pads in all shapes and sizes.

To colour coordinate your notes and ideas, our A5 Kraft spiral notebook comes with brightly coloured sticky notes to make your reminders stand out. This branded notebook combines your notepaper and adhesive notes in one convenient book.

Our range of sticky notes has large print areas that cover the majority of the paper, whether you’re looking to add your logo in the corner of each sheet or have a full faded background. Choose from 25, 50 or 100 sheets per pad with products made from FSC paper, recycled paper and even seeded paper.

2. Express yourself

Personalised Diaries and Journals

Keeping a journal or diary helps you stay on track, organises your thoughts and allows you to take a step back and self reflect. Jot down your daily activities with a journal notebook or plan ahead and keep organised with a Wiro daily planner.

Our Wiropod Bullet Journal is fully customisable, giving you the freedom to keep your notebook as simple or as detailed as you need it. You can include a weekly planner, notes and a tasks tick box section to ensure everything goes to plan.

Customise the cover of your journal in a full-colour print or with embossing. Some of our diaries give you the option to brand individual pages inside so you can express your brand from cover to cover.

3. Get Creative

Being creative helps reduce stress and anxiety while also allowing you to view and solve problems more openly. You can embrace and improve your level of creativity through doodling, drawing, writing and painting.

Custom Doodlepads

Take some time to sit back and relax during your lunch break with a pack of pens and a colouring pad. Even doodling throughout a meeting can produce just enough stimulus for your brain that you’re able to pay better attention.

Stay simple with our doodling paper and colouring set, giving you the freedom to draw whatever you please. For a more complex colouring experience our A5 colour me in Smart Pad can be customised to include note sections as well as detailed colouring ins.

4. Pen & Pencil Day

The tools of the trade, a practical promotional product that is used every day by nearly every person. Each second of every day, more than 125 ballpoint pens are sold. Promotional pens and pencils are great low-cost options for promoting your brand and keeping your office stationery in good supply.


One of our reoccurring customer favourites is the Curvy ballpoint pen, cost-effective, simplistic yet professional. Closely following behind is the aluminium Moneta ballpen that’s also available with a soft touch.

Our eco stationery range includes plenty of recycled pens for those looking to switch to more sustainable stationery. Choose pens that are made from recycled plastic, denim, cork and cardboard to make the switch from single-use plastic pens.

For branding that really catches your eye, some of our pens can be laser engraved with a mirror finish that adds extra elegance to your promotional pen. The Prince Rose Gold and Bowie Softy are great examples of low cost but professionally finished pens.


Pencils are a long-lasting promotional product that works well for any type of giveaway or campaign.

For extra long-lasting pencils, we have a range of mechanical pencils that can be re-filled after use making them great re-usable choices for branded stationery.

Similarly to pens, we also have eco-friendly pencils made from recycled newspaper and even old money notes to reduce the use of wood that’s cut down from forests.

5. A Place for Everything

For avid stationery lovers keeping your stationery organised is a must, whether that’s tucked up in a secure pencil case or stored in a sectioned pen pot. Keep your desk clean and tidy by storing all your loose stationery in one convenient spot.

Pen pots and organisers

While standard plastic pen pots are useful for keeping your pens, pencils and highlighters together, they aren’t always the most practical; especially when it comes to travel.

The Smart Cube is a multifunctional desk set that wraps your entire stationery experience into one. All the items that you’d keep on your desk like paper clips, elastic bands, pens and notepaper can all be stored in this organiser. If you’re currently hybrid working and having to carry your supplies from home to work and vice versa, this convenient companion is a brilliant choice with branding available all over, front to back.

branded Smart Cube
Pencil cases

For the more traditional commuters, we also have a selection of promotional pencil cases. Our pencil cases are small enough for storing just the basics or large enough for children to take every colour of the rainbow to school.

Our Enviro 7 piece eco set is great for new starters at school and in the office, ensuring each piece of essential stationery is provided. This conveniently packed set starts as low as £1.90, extremely cost-effective saving you from purchasing each item separately and having to pack the case yourself.

6. Special Stationery

Everyone can appreciate a luxury pen or special stationery set, especially when branded with your logo or personalised with your client’s names.

Branded Gifts & Sets

At Sycal we have many elegant sets including the prestigious Parker pens. Our gift sets can range from a single pen in a luxury box to a stylish box with a notebook and matching pens or pencils.

We also offer the opportunity to mix and match your own selection of gifts. If there is a particular pen you like and a particular notebook we can pack them together in a velvet or foam box and create a specially ‘chosen by you’ pack.

Some of our gift sets even extend to include gadgets and technological gifts alongside practical stationery for a higher-end impressive gift, like our Business Medium Gift Set.

7. Stationery Sunday

Folders and Portfolios

Keep your documents organised and pristine with our range of branded folders and document organisers. Our range of folders covers any budget, from the basic A4 portfolio with cardholders, pen loops and recycled notepaper up to the impressive high-end Fiko wireless charging A5 portfolio with a power bank, mesh pockets and notepaper.

Not only do our portfolios look great as well as keep your notes and documents looking immaculate, but they also make you appear professional and well prepared for any business meeting.

Store smaller pieces of stationery inside for the daily commute and make sure you have all the essentials you need throughout your week.

For any questions about how you can promote your brand with promotional stationery, we’re here to help. Call us on 01234 841741 or email us at sales@sycal.co.uk.