5 Promotional Products to Decorate your Christmas Tree

Decorate your tree in branded style

Nothing gets you into the festive spirit quite like decorating a Christmas tree. Hanging the lights, adding on treats and finding gaps to place another bauble, all while listening to classic Christmas songs.

85% of adults in the UK put up a Christmas tree in their home and office so it provides the perfect opportunity to get your brand on display throughout the festive period. We have every element of tree decorating covered with our Christmas merchandise range, all while promoting your brand.

1. Personalised Baubles

Classic Branded Baubles

Our classic baubles can brighten up your spruce, customised with your branding and available in a great range of colours and styles, as well as Pantone matching. For a busy office and an easily knocked tree, our shatterproof baubles will keep their shape year after year. Or, for styling a tree in reception, we offer elegant branded baubles made from glass and porcelain that any passersby would admire.

Glass and porcelain baubles also make for great keepsake gifts and can be packed into individual gift boxes. For a more personal touch, we offer baubles with space to add your own photos; great gifts for family and friends.

Eco-friendly baubles

While baubles do have the benefit of being reused every year, you may want to take a more eco approach to Christmas decorating this year. Our range features eco-friendly baubles made from recycled plastic and wood to help reduce your carbon footprint during standard bauble manufacturing.

Our wooden eco baubles come in circular shapes, hearts and natural wooden slices all of which can be engraved with your logo or festive message. These baubles have a natural, rustic feel and you can even infuse them at home with essential oils, like Pine, to add festive scents and bring an artificial tree to life.

Our flat eco baubles are 100% recycled from yoghurt pots and manufactured in the UK to keep your carbon footprint as small as possible. We can create custom shapes that are then printed in full colour on both sides ensuring your logo or message is visible from every angle.

Edible bauble options

For those that like to hang edible treats on the tree, we also offer baubles that are filled with chocolates and sweets. The benefit to these styled baubles is that they can be re-filled and re-hung when the contents are consumed. Fill them up each year with your or your customer’s favourite sweets.

We can fill them with a retro sweet mix, gummies, jelly beans, marshmallows, dolly mix and smarties. Each bauble will be printed with a custom hang tag featuring your branding ready for your clients and customers to enjoy.

2. Branded Hangers

Edible biscuit baubles

Following the theme of edible tree elements, we have some unique hangers that everyone can enjoy. The Bauble Hook is a baked biscuit, either shortbread or gingerbread, packaged in an ECO film with a hanger. You can hang these delicious biscuits on your tree for up to 2 months, all throughout the Christmas period. Each biscuit is printed with full-colour edible ink and is suitable for Vegans. With 5 festive shapes to choose from; bauble, jumper, tree, Santa and a gingerbread character, these tasty edible ornaments won’t go to waste.

Candy cane hangers

The origin of using candy canes as decoration in Christmas trees is a slight myth, one tale claims the shape was intended to represent a shepherd’s staff. However they came to be, the fact can’t be denied that they’re perfect for hanging among the branches.

We offer candy cane sticks slid into a promotional card sail, printed with your logo or branding. As a standard, these sugary canes come in the traditional red and white, however, when ordering 1500 or more special flavours and colours are available.

personalised Candy Cane with Sail Promoter

3. Colour matched Tinsel

In the 17th century, only the wealthiest of families had tinsel on their trees because back then it was originally made with real silver. However, now it is one of the cheapest items to decorate your tree with.

We offer Pantone matched tinsel so you can dress your tree from top to toe in your brand’s colours. Whether you want a single colour strand or multiple colours intertwined; you can add your company colours to festive decorations.

pantone matched tinsel

4. Tree lights

Whether you’re decorating the tree or brightening up your desk, light up the office with some festive string lights.

Our Milkway way string lights are 20 LED lights encased in wooden stars. The lights are packed into a card sleeve which can be branded with your logo or festive message.

The Pulse string lights have 50 LED lights but with a unique twist, they’re sound responsive. These sound-activated lights contain a small in-built microphone that detects room sound and reacts by a matching light display. The battery block can promote your brand with a printed logo while the lights dance to the beat.

Both these sets of string lights are battery powered making them portable and don’t restrict you to plug sockets. Simply switch on and light up any area while bringing that festive winter feeling indoors.

5. Crackers

Christmas crackers are a fun way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. While traditionally they’re pulled around the Christmas dinner table, they’re also great tree decorations.

You can customise our crackers with your branding in full colour while adding small gifts inside. Hide them among the branches, or fill them with treats as a daily office advent calendar. We can fill these promotional crackers with a range of items from sweets to cosmetics.

Whether you’re breaking the ice at an office Christmas party with one-liner jokes or simply looking for a standout tree decoration, our branded crackers are perfect decorative presents.

branded christmas crackers

For any questions about how you can promote your brand with promotional Christmas products, we’re here to help. Call us on 01234 841741 or email us at sales@sycal.co.uk.