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World Chocolate Day – The Power of Promotional Chocolate

world chocolate day

 With the chocolate industry estimated to be worth over $130 billion by 2019, there’s no question that these sweet treats are putting smiles on faces across the globe. In fact, 7th July is annually celebrated as World Chocolate Day for that very reason.

When it comes to promotional chocolates, many organisations are put off by the notion of a product that can be so easily disposed of. Why invest your marketing budget into branding a product that is designed to be devoured?

The answer is Recall Value, and if executed properly can be fantastic for brand recognition.

When we eat great food (like chocolate), our brains are flooded with organic chemicals that are designed to make us feel good. Without realising it, these good feelings will help people remember their food with such fondness, as well as a lasting impression of the brand who supplied it. Once the chocolate has gone and the wrapper is in the bin, consumers will still recall the brand who put a smile on their face, making confectionery a perfect option for tradeshow and exhibition giveaways.

Whether you’re looking to source individual bars or sharing boxes, promotional chocolates are available in a huge range of styles and quantities and can cater to almost any customer demographic.

At Sycal, we can customise your wrappers and packaging, as well as individual items, providing your customers with a bespoke and memorable experience.

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International Kissing Day – Pucker Up for Promotional Gifts

international kissing day

From a polite peck to a sultry snog, makes sure you’re celebrating today in the right way!

Since 2006, people across the globe have been celebrating 6th July as International Kissing Day. A day for locking lips and honoring the place it holds in society today.

Whether you’re looking for a friendly cheeky peck or a romantic embrace, nothing can deter a kiss quite like bad breath. In fact, a recent social survey discovered that bad breath was the easiest way to ruin a kiss. With such importance surrounding fresh breath, there’s no wonder why promotional mints are so popular when targeting customers and clients.

Available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes, mint boxes are perfect pocket-sized products designed help promote your brand on the go and keep your client’s breath fresh.

Promotional mints

If you’re looking to promote your brand to a more appearance conscious demographic, then promotional lip balms and lip glosses may be a great alternative pocket-sized product. Available in a number of colours and styles, Sycal can help keep your client’s kisses soft.

promotional lip gloss


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