Top 10 Summer Promotional Products

top 10 summer promotional products

As the summer months draw closer, many companies have started sourcing new promotional merchandise options for their upcoming seasonal campaigns. Despite the temperamental nature of the British weather, outdoor events are growing across the country, meaning that there is no better time to promote your brand to a wider market.

When it comes to sourcing effective products for your summer marketing campaigns, the key is to look for merchandise that is both practical and eye catching in order to increase brand visibility. From summer attire to seating, our range of seasonal merchandise is somewhat substantial. So to help, we’ve created a list of our 10 favourite summer product options.

custom drink koozies
Drink Koozies
When temperatures are souring, it’s very difficult to find anything more refreshing than a cold drink. Promotional Koozies are designed to ensure your last sip is as cool and refreshing as your first. With their insulated linings, these low-cost merchandise options can reduces the rate a drink warms in the sun by up to 50%.



Al Fresco Seating
If you’re looking to promote your brand at upcoming outdoor events and festivals, our al fresco seating range can help take your customers off their feet. Including deckchairs, directors chairs and hay bale coverings, our outdoor seating options are available a wide range of colours, styles and sizes; perfect for showcasing your brand in the summer sun.


promotional beer carriers

 Multi-Drink Carriers
Perfect for festivals and bar catered events, drink carriers are a fantastic tool for busy outdoor functions. With the ability to carry four pints with one hand without spilling a drop, there’s a reason these products are so popular.




promotional cool bags
 Cool Boxes and Bags
Available in a variety of sizes and styles, bespoke cool boxes and bags are the perfect way to keep your food and drink chilled on the hottest of days. If you’re looking to target families in your upcoming summer campaign, a bespoke cool box is a sensible decision.



Summer Accessories
Ensure that your brand is being represented from head to toe this summer. At Sycal, we offer a wide variety of fashionable clothing accessories designed to make your brand image stand out in the hot weather. From bespoke sunglasses to flip-flops that print your name in the sand, we’ve got the accessories that will turn heads this summer.




Summer Games
Although they may not be practical to use all year round, our range of summer games and toys are best sellers every single year. From beach balls and frisbees, to buckets and spades, put smiles on your customers faces with a wide range of family orientated merchandise options.




Promotional Drinkware
From sports bottles, to fruit-infusing water canteens, our range of promotional drinkware is designed to keep your customers cool in the summer sun. Due to their practical nature and varying colours, shapes and styles, promotional drinkware can help successfully promote your brand to a wide range of customers, from sports enthusiasts to trendy millennials.




promotional bluetooth speakers
Bluetooth Speakers
Turn your brand image up to 11 this summer with bespoke Bluetooth speakers. Both stylish and highly practical, these portable gadgets are the perfect promotional products for targeting young adults and professionals who are on the go.





Sports Balls
When it comes to mass appeal this summer, branded balls tick all the boxes. Practical to such a wide range of customers, footballs, golf balls and tennis balls are great products to promote your brand.




When it comes to promoting your brand image outdoors, there are very few products more functional or effective than the bespoke parasol. Available in a variety of styles, parasols aren’t just a defence against the summer sun, but an eye-catching tool designed to promote your brand image across 360 degrees.




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New One Pound Coin Trolley Tokens – Available Now

New One Pound Coin Trolley Tokens – Available Now

Have you received a new one pound coin today?

For the first time in 34 years, the UK has seen a brand new style of one pound coin go into circulation. With a staggering 1-in-30 circular pound coins predicted to be forgeries, the new revolutionary 12-sided coin is designed to clamp down on imitations, ensuring the money in your wallet is real. With 1.5 billion coins entering circulation today, you’ve got seven months to say goodbye to your old coins before they’re demonetised in October.

With all coin operated machines required to accept the newly designed coin, ensure that your company is prepared with the new 12-sided trolley tokens from Sycal.

Bespoke trolley coins are a highly successful way to get your brand on to a product that is so frequently used. From shopping trolleys, to gym lockers, make sure your customers are seeing your logo every time they pick up their keys. The new pound coin trolley tokens from Sycal can be personalised on both sides to feature your logo, contact details, or any message you wish to convey to your customers.

If you’re looking to promote your business and show your customers that you’re up-to-date, get in touch today and find out how Sycal’s custom trolley tokens can help. Find us online at, or call us on 01234 841741.

World Naked Gardening Day

World Naked Gardening Day

For the last 12 years, the first Saturday in May has been celebrated across the globe as World Naked Gardening Day.  A day for pulling the weeds, planting seeds, harvesting vegetables and getting some sun where it usually doesn’t shine.

Designed to be a little bit of fun in the sun, World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD) was created as a non-political event to help promote “non-sexual nudity” and becoming comfortable in your own skin.

Now when it comes to creative bespoke merchandise, there’s not too much that we can provide to help promote your brand to naked consumers who have a penchant for gardening. Unless you’re in the market for branded gardening tools, the alternatives are few and far between, however, one product has stood out for promotion growth for consumers: Branded Seed Paper.


Add a green twist to your promotional marketing with branded seeded paper. Available in a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers, these sheets of biodegradable paper contain hundreds of seeds designed to bloom and blossom when planted. Whether they’re being planted naked in the garden, or as indoor office plants, showcase your brand to the gardeners of the globe.

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