How to choose the most effective promotional merchandise

How to choose the most effective promotional merchandise

Knowing that you need bespoke merchandise, and knowing the bespoke merchandise you need, are two very different things.

With over 30 years of promotional merchandise experience behind us, we understand exactly what products will help you meet your objectives, and can point you in the right direction. Whether it’s for bankers or breweries; farmers or festivals, we understand that some products can successfully promote one particular industry, but will fail generate interest for another. With decades of marketing, research and product feedback, we’ve developed the knowledge to point your organisation in the right direction.

At Sycal, we are firm believers of showing you our capabilities; rather than simply telling you about them. So should our customers need merchandise ideas or guidance for their upcoming events or projects, we’ll provide them with a complimentary Sycal Mood Board containing creative ideas and visuals of our most effective products. These digital boards are designed to showcase merchandise that has proven to be successful for similar organisations to your own. Branded and customised with your companies logos and colour scheme, Sycal Mood Boards are the perfect way to see your brand on some of the most effective promotional merchandise around.

So, if you’re struggling to find the perfect promotional products, or lost looking for alternative merchandise options, get in touch today  and receive your free Sycal Mood Board. Call us on 01234 841741, or visit us online at For more examples of our Sycal Mood Boards click here and see how we’ve helped organisations source the best promotional merchandise.

Outdoor Marketing: Bespoke Parasols

Outdoor Marketing: Bespoke Parasols

When it comes to promoting your brand image outdoors, there are very few products more functional or effective than the bespoke parasol.

Available in a range of materials, colours, sizes and styles, parasols aren’t just a defence against the elements, but an eye-catching tool designed to promote your brand image whatever the weather. With the the spring and summer months drawing closer, there is no better time than now to find out how you can promote your brand during any upcoming outdoor functions.

From bars and cafes, to exhibitions and festivals, parasols have become one of our most versatile and popular products. With four to eight different panels to customise, these fantastic bespoke products are designed to maximise visibility and publicly promote your brand across 360 degrees; unattainable to that of other external signage options.

To many, the long days of summer can’t come quick enough. However, these warmer months can be daunting to others. Strong temperatures and constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays can deter potential customers from a variety of outdoor businesses and functions. Parasols are an essential when children and the elderly are involved, ensuring that you have a safe, shaded and comfortable area for them to enjoy the weather, and retaining their custom.

At Sycal, we’ve been creating bespoke parasols for over 30 years and understand how different styles, materials and colours can be more effective at targeting different markets. Whether you’re looking for metal or wooden frames, polyester or cotton fabrics, Sycal is your one-stop shop for high quality and weather-proof bespoke parasols. For more information about sourcing bespoke umbrellas for your next outdoor marketing campaign call us on 01234 841741, or find us online at

How to Reward Staff – Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day Merchandise

Since 1995, the first Friday in March has been known to many North American companies as Employee Appreciation Day. Dedicated to recognising and rewarding hardworking employees, Employee Appreciation Day has given many leading organisations the opportunity to say thank you to their staff.

Over the last 22 years, Employee Appreciation Day has slowly been expanding into more and more countries; including the UK, and it seems like it’s needed now more than ever.

Research conducted by employment website found that 54% of British employees feel under-appreciated at work, and while many would think this related to salaries, studies have shown that it reflects the sense of value the employee receives from their company. In fact, 40% of bosses interviewed acknowledged that not enough praise is given in their workplace.

Employees should feel valued all year round, not just today. So say thank you to your workforce for their tireless efforts with a huge range of bespoke gift items from our extensive catalogue. Designed to leave a lasting impression amongst your staff, we offer a diverse portfolio of fully customisable products that won’t break the bank.

From confectionery and consumables, to useful technologies and golf gifts,  and everything in between, let Sycal help you keep your employees motivated. Find us online at or call us on 01234 841741.

New Bespoke Merchandise Catalogue Now Available

New Bespoke Merchandise Catalogue Now Available

With thousands of products out there, knowing what merchandise is best for your organisation can often be a tough call to make. So take the stress out of searching, with the brand new 2017 Sycal Merchandise Catalogue. With a substantial variety of merchandise options, and reader-friendly pricing and specifications, it’s never been easier to source the right products for you.

At Sycal, our aim is to make the process of sourcing merchandise as simple as possible, ensuring that you can find the products you want with ease, and stumble upon new items you never knew you needed.

To request your free copy of the 2017 Sycal Merchandise Catalogue today, follow this link and let us know whether you’d prefer a print or digital downloadable format. From new umbrella styles to VR headsets, we’ll make sure that you find the products that will make you stand out in 2017.

Want to discuss your bespoke product needs? Get in touch today and find out how Sycal can help market your brand image. Find us online at or call us on 01234 841741.