Christmas is coming – you can’t thank Customers or Employees enough

Christmas is coming – you can’t thank Customers or Employees enough

Whether you are a fan or a critic the season is fast approaching and with only 80 sleeps to go it’s time to make a list of what to give to who. It is also an ideal time to say a big thank you to all of your clients for their custom and to your workforce for their efforts throughout the year.

Gestures of goodwill can create an emotional bond between your brand and your customers and can cement your commercial relationships. It’s too easy to take your client base for granted and a loyal customer is worth making the effort for. There are many ways of creating customer and employee loyalty and saying thank you outside of the daily commercial process is a great way to make everyone feel appreciated.

Employees really appreciate a thank you and some innovative thinking now could incentivise them for the next 12 months – get it wrong and it could have the opposite effect.slim-tin

Some of the top items to consider would be:

  • Electronics – Executive power banks, smart phone watch,
  • Stylish attractive objects – whisky glasses, crystal employee awards
  • Anything that could be given to children or spouses – Chocolate Brussels – so wrong and yet so right! – Mini RC drone – who wouldn’t want one of these?

When making your choice ask yourself ‘would I be happy to receive this and would I take it home? Ideally you want people to perceive the gift as high value and well thought out. It should reflect your companies brand and tie in with your overall marketing strategy.

At Sycal our consultants have a great deal of experience and can help you to find the perfect gift for your customers and employees alike.

Thanking people should be standard practice and a carefully chosen promotional item or incentive will give a tangible gift that will create goodwill at this time of giving. Whatever you do top it off with a handwritten note or greeting card for a really nice personal touch – after all it is Christmas.

For help finding your ideal gift contact us on 01234 841741 or visit our site, and let us help you find the right products today. To see our Christmas products in more details please click here