The best time to buy promotional products is NOW!

The best time to buy promotional products

That’s the message coming from the UK’s leading promotional merchandise trade association. The bpma.  We have learnt from the past economic downturns that it is those companies that promote themselves more, that stand out against their competitors, says director general, Gordon Glenister.

Over the years research compiled by the bpma suggests that it’s one of the most effective advertising mediums, with most organisations using to create greater brand awareness. Promotional products are 4 times likely to make the recipients feel appreciated than the mediums of web, print and TV. Desk accessories remain high on the list of products requested. Promotional pens, bags, electronic items pads and mugs are some of the most popular items being used.  When we’ve interviewed marketers, they will often say, we want something exciting and new. However in reality most organisations still stick to commonly used products. For me, comments Glenister it’s the brand message that can create something different. It’s all about relevance. The average time someone keeps a promotional item is around 2.5 years, longer if it’s more expensive or has a particular memory associated with it. With the growth in digital print technology, personalisation has become more widely available. You can send a calendar now with the individuals name within the image. People will keep a product with their name on it a lot longer.

We drink on average around 1,500 cups of coffee and tea a year so if you think about the time that you use your coffee or tea mug at work and the cost a branded mug being less than £3, it offers great value for money to build your brand image. So how can you use promotional products to engage with your customers?

  • Promote additional products of services that you offer
  • Launch new campaigns
  • Link message at conferences and seminars
  • Exhibition gifts to attract people to your stand.
  • On pack promotional to stimulate greater sales
  • Sales team leave behinds on visits
  • New customer welcome packs
  • Team branding at events and festivals.
  • Charitable and team building activities
  • Christmas gifts to say thank you to your clients or staff
  • Reseller or dealer incentives
  • Apologies and thank-yous

With all this being reported by the UK’s leading promotional merchandise trade association, why not get in contact with Sycal today, and find out how we can help you stand out from the crowd.